When tutoring, I use current research-based best practices for tutoring and reading/writing instruction. I regularly attend and present at conferences, meet with other experts in the field, and work to improve my client experience.


I take my responsibilities as a tutor and mentor seriously. My role is to support students to grow into ethical and considerate writers -- to use their new skills to improve their lives and their worlds.


I know that no two writers are alike, and I customize each lesson to respond to those differences. I rarely recycle teaching materials, and I'm always happy to switch things up mid-lesson. If you want the same old thing, I can give you that. BUT, if you want to try something new, count me in!


While I would love to be able to tutor people at all locations, I limit my driving range for in-person tutoring to reduce my impact on the environment (I will tutor anyone from any location online). My business records and training materials are also completely digitized and only printed at the request of individual students. 


The most precious resource in this world is the mind of a student, and I have dedicated my life to nurturing that resource. As budding scholars, my role is to help you grow into your best writing and reading self. I will never belittle or diminish what you accomplish, but I will also never insult your potential by giving false praise. 


Written language is a powerful tool, but too often in history, educators have been gatekeepers to cultural power. My purpose is to empower those who may not otherwise feel powerful to engage in public discourse, to write down their thoughts with courage, and to understand how to use standardized academic English to engage with and, sometimes, surpass those gatekeepers. I believe that English, in all its forms, has the power to level the playing field.



I respect and cherish diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to diversity of dialect, language, theology, political ideology, parental status, country of origin, race, gender, and sexuality. My goal as a tutor is not to shape you into my image of a scholar but to help you determine the shape of your own scholarship.

  • "Vanessa has helped to improve my writing skills. She has also broadened my knowledge about the American culture." - Fabrice M.

  • "In the end, her abillity to work with me ... and her skills in editing and story development led to my story being published!" - Mollie T.

  • "I wanted to thank you so much for helping get through the last semester. I almost gave up on school because of my learning ability. I really appreciate your encouragement to continue on with school." - Martha O.

The Modern Minerva seeks to empower communities, one writer at a time, through research-based pedagogy and individualized instruction. 


In an increasingly global world,

The Modern Minerva recognizes and responds to the needs of youth and adult writers at all stages of development throughout the Central Maryland region and across the internet.





Values in Action