Because No One's Native Language

is Academic English

Whether you grew up speaking English at home or began learning as an adult, no one learns to speak and write in standardized academic English outside of school or work. At The Modern Minerva, I specialize in this version of English (although I'm also happy to help you learn slang).


Think you know English?

Think again!

When most people think of English, they think of a Standardized English

-- an academic English --

that no one actually uses in casual interactions.

Few of us use academic English as our native tongue, so the best way to learn this lingua franca is through study! 


of the material on the internet is in English.

English is one of over


world languages, but it has arguably the

the richest vocabulary, with over                                                unique words and


another half a million scientific and technical words still undefined.


There are fluent speakers of English across the globe,

including over                        million native speakers 

and over                       million who learned English as a


second (or third or fourth) language. Of the 




member nations of the

United Nations, more use English as their official language than any other.